2canvas | Product Options Explained
Canvas panels:
Canvases are wrapped around and stretched over wooden frames made from different qualities and depths of wood. These frames are built using Stretcher Bars or “Stretchers”.
Whilst stretchers are not visible behind the stretched canvas, they are a very important component of your finished canvas, providing depth and strength to your canvas.
Stretchers also have an effect on the look of your canvas, as 20mm or 38mm stretchers have less physical presence than 44mm or 50mm stretchers. The choice of stretcher depth, however, should always be a personal decision to achieve your desired look.
Larger canvases, above 40inches are more suited to deeper stretchers both for strength and aesthetics.
All of our frames are hand built from our range of artist grade stretchers, we never use MDF or board behind our canvas.
All our canvases come with corner wedges to allow re-stretching of canvases, which will naturally loosen-off over time, depending on the hanging environment. The wedges allow canvases to be re-tensioned with just a tap of a hammer.
20mm Stretcher
These are kiln dried pine stretchers that are lighter and have a smaller profile, Combined with our 280gsm canvas, they provide a more economical option, without any loss of quality.
38mm Stretcher
These are kiln dried pine stretchers combined with a 280gsm canvas, again providing a lighter and more economical canvas, with a slightly deeper profile.
44mm Stretcher
These are laminated pine stretchers that have had the knots and therefore potential week points removed. Combined with a 410gsm canvas, these stretchers will have more presence on your wall and will not warp, even at our largest sizes.
50mm Stretcher
These are our Museum stretchers and are again made from kiln dried pine and combined with our 410gsm canvas. More suited for larger canvases and as such are only priced for larger sizes.
Canvas material
We only use water resistant, artist grade canvases. Whilst we offer different canvas weights, the print quality remains excellent throughout our range of canvases.
Acrylic Varnish
We always apply a coat of acrylic varnish for added canvas protection against dirt and scratches.
The varnish provides a protective coating on your canvas which enhances the image, is UV resistant and allows the canvas to be wiped down with a damp cloth.
From our experience people like to touch canvases, when this happens regularly, oils transferred from fingers can leave marks on a canvas, which the application of an acrylic varnish protects against.
Acrylic Panels
Acrylic or Perspex panels are a plastic panel which has been polished to give a finish as clear as glass, without the fragility of glass; The panels come in 5mm and 10mm thick options with standoff or hidden fittings.
Your photo, is mounted to the back of the acrylic panel, producing a 3D effect with very clean lines and a contemporary finish.
Standoff fittings comprise of 4 or perhaps 6 metal posts, one in each corner and, for larger panels, one half way along the top and bottom edges of the panel. These posts keep the panel standing about half an inch from the wall and they are available on either silver or black, providing a very contemporary look to your photos.
The metal posts are hollow and allow for a screw to pass through into the wall and the top part of the post then screws on to the bottom part to cover the screw heads, providing a very clean finish.
For smaller panels we supply a wire hanging kit which means that there is no requirements to drill the wall and the panel is hung in the same way a traditional frame is hung……….less mess and easily moved.
Hidden hanging fittings provide a “floating” effect with your panel “floating” about half an inch from the wall.
Blocks are fitted to the back of the panel with hanging plates which allws the panels to be hung on 2 screws, fitted to the wall.
Block Mounts
Add extra depth and dimension to your photo or artwork by having it printed and mounted onto 12mm MDF block.
Your image is first printed onto quality photo paper and then sealed with a matt laminate film  which protects the print surface and adds UV protection to prevent fading; the lamination also allows the print to be wiped with a damp cloth. 
The print is then bonded to a 12mm MDF block, with black edges, to provide a very stylish finish.
2 small hanging plates are fitted to the rear of the block allowing it to be traditionally hung on screws or nails
Box Frames
Box Frames are an exciting and stylish way to present your images.
The frame gives a lovely 3D effect and your photo looks as if it's "floating" within the frame.
Your photo is printed and pressure bonded on to a durable mount board, slightly smaller than the inside dimension of the box frame, before being laminated (this allows the image to be wiped down with a damp cloth and protects from bumps and scratches) and then fitted into the box frame of your choice.
Sizing the photo, provides the effect of the photo “floating” within the box frame.
• Choice of 30mm and 50mm frames
• Available in oak, driftwood, natural, silver, black and gold
• Fixings hold the frame flush to the wall
• Available in a great range of sizes, in Landscape, Portrait or Square formats.
Traditional Frames
We offer a number of frame options:
• Off the shelf frames at various sizes from 12 x 8” up to approx 24 x 16” and with a selection of different mouldings.
• Bespoke frames: we have over 500 different mouldings to choose from to ensure that you can find a frame that matches your photo and the room the frame will be hung in
• We can offer standard glass, safety glass and non reflective glass
Bespoke frames are finished at the back with framing tape and hanging string to provide a quality, traditional finish.
Posters are printed on heavy or light duty matt, satin or gloss paper at standard “A” sizes or non standard sizes.
A number of finishes can be applied such as:
Lamination: a non scratch-finish is applied to the front of the print
Encapsulation: A non-scratch finish is applied to the front and back of the print
Mounting to card: Print is mounted to a light board, providing a stiffer finish
Mounting to foam board: Print is mounted to a light but more rigid finish
Combinations of the above can be provided such as a laminated print mounted to card or foam board
Additional details on these and other products availabe can be obtained by calling the 2canvas gallery on 0141 552 0005