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On What Can I Display My Images?

Box Frames


Box frame example


These Box Frames are an exciting and stylish way to present your images. The frame gives a lovely 3D effect and your image looks as if it's "floating" within the frame.

Your selected image is printed and pressure bonded on to a durable mount board before being laminated (this allows the image to be wiped down with a damp cloth and protects from bumps and scratches) and then fitted into the box frame of your choice.

• Choice of 30mm and 50mm frames.

• Available in oak, driftwood, natural, silver, black and gold.

• Ideal for home or office environments.

• Allows your image to be the "star" while providing a modern finish to your art.

• Fixings hold the frame flush to the wall.

• Available in a great range of sizes, in Landscape, Portrait or Square formats.

• With pricing starting from £22, why not give us a call to discuss your requirements and get a quote?





Canvases are wrapped around and stretched over wooden frames made from different qualities and depths of wood.

These frames are built using Stretcher Bars or 'Stretchers'. Whilst stretchers are not visible behind the stretched canvas, they are a very important component of your finished canvas, providing depth and strength to your canvas.

Stretchers also have an effect on the look of your canvas, as 38mm stretchers have less physical presence than 44mm or 50mm stretchers. The choice of stretcher depth, however, should always be a personal decision to achieve your desired look.

Larger canvases, above 40inches are more suited to deeper stretchers both for strength and aesthetics.


room view with canvas art


All of our frames are hand built from our range of stretchers; we never use MDF or board behind our canvases.


Canvas build process


With canvas, you will have a choice as to how the edges of the canvas are finished.

The image can be sized so that it completely wraps around the sides or we can duplicate the edges and add them on to give the impression of a full wrap, without any loss of the main part of the image.

We can also create a blur wrap and a colour wrap however; our staff will make a recommendation during the order process as some images are more suited to certain wrap options than others.


canvas wrapping examples


All our canvases come with corner tension wedges to allow re-stretching of canvases, which may naturally loosen-off over time, depending on the hanging environment. The wedges allow canvases to be re-tensioned with just a tap of a hammer.

To finish off your canvas, we recommend a coat of acrylic varnish. The varnish protects and enhances your finished canvas and adds to the canvases longevity by increasing its UV resistance.

Slip Mounts

We have an off the shelf selection of slip mounts, ready for framing.

Your own phots, simply displayed to add a splash of colour without breaking the bank or why not combine it with one of our off the shelf frames to finish off your image beautifully?


Slip mount examples


We have 2 sizes 12×16" and 16×20" and they are priced at less than £12! 2canvas can frame your images, if that's your preference, either in stock frames or we can provide a range of 'made to measure' frame options, starting at less than £15.

Acrylic Panels

We have a range of Acrylic panels which give a contemporary and modern feel to your images.

The panels stand about half an inch from your wall and come with your choice of hidden (floating) fittings or black or silver Standoff fittings.

Looking for something a bit different? Have a look at our acrylic panels with hidden(floating) hanging fittings. These panels are 5 or 10mm think and have hidden battons on the back with hanging plates fitted for invisible hanging. The fittings give the impression of the canvas "floating" on the wall and provides a very contemporary look.





MDF Block Mounts

Add extra depth and dimension to your photo or artwork by having it printed and mounted onto 12mm MDF block.

Your image is first printed onto satin finish photo paper using a large format printer, and then sealed with a non reflective laminate film coating which protects the print surface and adds UV protection to prevent fading. The lamination also allows the print to be wiped with a damp cloth. The print is then bonded to a 12mm MDF block, with black edges, to provide a contemporary finish.


Block mount example

• Photo paper with matte finish block mounted

• Mounted onto 12mm MDF blocks

• Edged in black for a contemporary high quality finish

• Remains crisp and vibrant for over 70 years

• Sealed with a matt laminate for ultimate protection

Framing Services

2canvas can offer a bespoke framing service or we keep a stock of off-the-shelf frames in our gallery; we can offer frames with or without mounts whichever suits your requirements.



Our bespoke framing service offers a range of frames all built to order at sizes to suit your prints and with pricing starting at just £31 for an 8×12" (A4) frame, the service is very affordable. There is a lead time with our bespoke service, up to a week however, the finished product is well worth the wait.

We have included pricing for a a mid-range moulding, in 3 different colour options however, we have over 250 mouldings to select from in our range and we are confident that we have a frame to suit your colour and style requirements, please call in to the 2canvas gallery to view all our frame and mount options.

With regards to our off-the-shelf framing service, this was introduced as an accompaniment to our slip mount images to allow clients to match a frame with the mounted images they select and at a great price too!

We decided to stock these frames to allow clients the flexibility of having bespoke frames made or, for a more economical option, select from our off-the-shelf selection which has a smaller range of sizes and colours however; with our off-the-shelf frames starting at just £8 it does prove to be very economical indeed!

Our off-the-shelf frames come in various sizes, from 8x10" through to 16x24", and with a good selection of mouldings. Sizes are approximate and apertures will be less if a mount is fitted, images may have to be re-sized to fit.

Image Transitions

Collage / Montage

Collage (from the French 'coller', to stick) is regarded as a work of visual art made from an assemblage of different forms, thus creating a new whole. This technique made its first appearance in the early 20th century as a ground breaking novelty, but with the passing of time it has become ubiquitous.

Similarly, montage (from the French for "putting together") is a closely related technique of combining images from various sources into a single composition.

Collage and montage style canvases are available at the 
standard product price plus a £25 design charge.

Select up to 12 of your favourite photos and let 2canvas design something that is interesting, unique, personal and beautiful.




Word Art

Select words, a poem or speech that are relevant to you, a friend or a relative and let us create a very unique and personal piece of art.

Select a shape to hold the images in your word collage, perhaps a heart, circle or star,  to create something truly stunning.

Spot Colour


Select the part of your photo that you would like to keep coloured and we'll remove the colour from the rest of the image, resulting in  a stunning image with eye-catching detail.



Pop Art / Cartoon


Provide us with a photo of family or a friend and let us convert it to a visually stunning cartoon image.

Provide us with a photo of family or a friend and let us convert it to a visually stunning cartoon image.Fancy a 'Warhol' style image designed with your favourite colours? This transition is usually a 4 image canvas but it can be a single image, 3 across or whatever you prefer; we'll isolate any face from any photo and create this colourful piece of pop art.

This Warhol can be designed using one, two or four photos of the same or different subjects.

Or be adventurous; why not go for a multi-panel pop? We adjust the colour/brightness and contrast of the faces and turn our standard Warhol style Pop design into a multi-paneled piece of art on a solid colour background.


Perhaps an "Opie style" cartoon, based on the Julian Opie style of art:

Julian Opie's highly stylised work, involves the reduction of photographs (or short films) into figurative reproductions (created using computer software). In his portraiture, the human face is characterised by black outlines with flat areas of colour, and minimalised detail, to the extent that an eye can become a just the black circle of the pupil, and sometimes a head is represented by a circle with a space where the neck would be. In this way, Julian Opie tries to present the complexities of the human form by reducing it to its mere basics.


Blur Opie


Julian Opie's style was brought into the public eye when he was asked to design the cover for the British band, Blur's best-of album.

Cartoon styles: Warhol and Opie transitions will be the standard product price plus a £15 design charge



A single image repeated over the canvas with different coloured backgrounds.





Caricatures are a fun way to present your images. The combination of a personal image and perhaps a hobby creates a very personal and meaningful gift, something that is more than just a simple print.

They are sure to please the recipient and given the longevity of our products and inks, a gift that will bring a smile for years to come.

When ordering your caricature, please take note of your preferred style and enter it in the upload page.




Vintage and Sepia Styles

Allow us to take a modern photo and transform it into something which looks aged. It's the reverse of our photo restoration process but it can be very effective and results in a photo which has more effect than the original.

If you don't want to age an image then perhaps a simple sepia wash would produce the result you're looking for. This effect gives the impression of age but keeps the clarity of the original.




A process by which there is loss in clarity towards the corners and sides of an image. For example, this can be in the shape of an oval, circle or heart. Send us a photo of a romantic couple, or two individual photos and we'll create for you the most unique wedding, engagement, valentine or general I love you present.




Why not select a favourite photo and split it over multiple canvases? This process is quite complex in that the image is wrapped around the side of the canvas so that the image seems continuous from all angles.

2 panel, 3 panel (Triptych), 4 panel or more. Why not challenge us?


Artistic Effects

Your original image can be converted by using a number of artistic effects; transform your image from a photo to something even more unique and personal such as a sketch, water colour, oil painting or acrylic art work.


Children's Drawings

Do you have a favourite piece of art created by your kids, grandchildren, nieces and nephews or friends? Why not preserve them for posterity and have them professionally transferred onto canvas.

Our canvases are stretched around quality hardwood frames and printed with ink that is UV light resistant, with a life of up to 70 years - so you'll be able to enjoy your art work for many years to come.


Hands and Feet

Other services and products

Photo Restoration

2canvas offers a photo restoration service, bringing your old or damaged photographs back to their original splendour.

Once the image has been restored, it can be printed at a size to suit the space you have available, providing you more flexibility and choice.

The image can then be printed onto a number of different media including canvas wraps, acrylics, traditional frames or any of our other products.




Photo restoration is charged on a time basis.


2canvas also provides a poster printing service.

Posters are printed on heavy duty Matt or Glossy paper and can have a number of finishes applied such as encapsulation, heat sealing, mounting to card, kappa board or foamex (3mm or 5mm).

Pricing is based on the poster size and any finishing required.


2canvas offers its design service as part of the all inclusive cost of producing your unique canvas artwork*. 2canvas takes the process of design and transitioning of your image very seriously, working with you to ensure that you receive exactly what you imagined when you placed your order.

Design services can include any or all of the following:

• Red eye repair

• Cropping and cut-out

• Image enhancement, sharpening and blurring

• Removing and replacing objects

• Enlarging and reducing

• Retouching, colour balancing, and brightness and contrast balancing

• Desaturation (i.e. changing from colour to black and white)

*2canvas reserves the right to charge, at photo restoration rates for excessively damaged or faded images, which require extensive restoration time.


When our designers adjust or repair your photos, we will always provide a sample image to view.

This allows the client to view the adjusted image before we move to the printing stage. This iterative process again ensures that your completed artwork looks exactly as you imagined it.


Digitise Your Photos!

What would happen if, heaven forbid, your old photographs, carefully stored in boxes or in drawers around the house were damaged, lost or completely destroyed? Memories of past special moments, family gatherings and celebrations lost for good; 2canvas has the answer... Digitize them!


Photo Scan marketing image


2canvas will scan your old photos and save them digitally so:

  • the photos will take up less space
  • they will be safe and secure on your PC
  • you can burn them to CD to keep a secure copy
  • you can send your pictures as email attachments
  • and, you can print as many copies of your photos as you like!

Digitally preserving those dusty old paper images otherwise destined to languish in the bottom drawer (or other suitably forgotten about place) is important but so is getting on with the day to day.

That's why sending your old photographs to 2canvas is the easiest and cheapest way to get all those old photographic memories preserved in a safe and secure way, leaving you to print copies or share online to your heart's content.

With digital photo frame prices dropping, you will have the option of displaying your digitized files in a new and modern way and what a great idea for a Christmas gift; a digital photo frame, ready loaded with those cherished memories!

200 photos to CD for only £69

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers make a wonderful present. They provide a flexibility that allows the recipient to make the most out of your gift.

If you're not sure which of our many images a friend or loved one would like, let them pick it themselves and use a gift voucher to pay for it.


We provide our services to a number of photographers, artists and interior designers.

We also provide our services to corporate clients such as BAM Property developers, Glasgow Caledonian University, HLM Architects and JMP consultants, providing art for their offices throughout the UK.

Please call or visit for trade pricing.